Beautiful words from a gorgeous bride

While I am still revelling and recovering from my bridal work in Bali, I wanted to share a beautiful message from my gorgeous bride from not so many months ago. Thank you so much Meghna. You’re beautiful. God bless xx


Thank you might be just 2 words for some people, but being said to you are much more than that.

You have been not just a professional make up artist who does her work, but to me you have been a good friend, guide and like a mother.

I remember how every week you kept asking me how I am doing 2 months before marriage and what next to do for my skin to glow and feel relaxed. The tiny tips given by you will always be cherished.

During the wedding, you took so much care of me, from making me eat healthy and drinking liquids from not being dehydrated even if we were running short of time.

The faith you showed in your work, made me gain the trust in you. I was so panicky about the make up, but you made me calm and told to trust you & yes, the results were shown on my face – making me a beautiful elegant bride that I always dreamt of.

Thank you so very much and always be the same in future.