My curly hair short story

February 26, 2017

It’s a beautiful day. I’m looking for something fun to do! And here we are again. On my wonderful blog! Where I am now going to share super quick with you; my hair story. Stop reading if you don’t have curly hair, because you will not connect with any of the below. Firstly, Me= Only child in four to have curly hair. Which also points to the joke I told my mother for years. That I am an adopted child! But she swore I am not because I was her first surgery (oops!). So, going forward my head was shaved […]

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Healthy and Soft Glowing Hair!

July 10, 2014

Yes! Glowing! That is what the mask below will do to your hair. It’s again a very simple do-it-yourself mask for you hair.                             Nothing compares to natural products and natural remedies for our skin and hair beauty. One of the natural hair masks I love is with: YOGURT! YOGURT!YOGURT! It makes a great mask for all hair types. Apply plain unsweetened yogurt all over your hair and let it work it wonders for about half an hour. Wash out and air dry your hair. Occasionally, let […]

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Lovely hair conditioning treatment!!

June 21, 2014

A lot of care goes into my hair looking the way it does. As with many women, my hair is also very prone to frizz and thanks to the weather here in Dubai, there is nothing we can do to run away from it. All we can do is take extra care and give lots of comfort to the hair. Apart from using home made hair masks, what I love going for is Keratin treatments. And where else, except the fabulous Michel Salon in Majestic Hotel. I always try to get this treatment done at least twice a month. But lately, […]

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A Reader’s Query about Hair Care

June 5, 2014

A lovely reader had this query for Hair care and this is what I think Q: What kind of hair serums do u suggest? Also aging is a natural process and one has to go with it gracefully but do u think it is wise to pluck out a certain grey hair? What are the implications? Response: A Myth!! It’s a myth that if you pluck one grey hair, it will spread across the scalp and make other hair grey as well! White hair is caused by the death of melanin cells in the follicle. It’s not contagious. The only […]

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