Do it yourself Natural Scrub!

There are a few ground rules when it comes to skincare. Cleanse/Tone/Scrub/Moisturize! Follow these steps and your skin will Thank you for taking good care.

One of these steps is something you must do religiously once every week if you have oily/combination/dry skin; and if you’re blessed with normal skin, you can do it twice a week.

So, here goes: A homemade, easy to make scrub with easily available ingredients.


1 cup Oats (well crushed)

Few drops honey

Few drops glycerin

Few drops lemon

Few drops almond oil (if extra dry skin)

Mix all the above and voila! There you have a gorgeous scrub ready to use. Apply. Leave it on for 5 minutes and then scrub off in circular motion, removing any grime off the face. If you have sensitive skin, I would recommend going easy on the lemon. But, otherwise lemon is a natural bleach and very good if applied regularly. Good for acne scar marks.

And, this makes for a great body scrub as well. Oats is fabulous natural scrub ingredient. Just oats and milk half blended make a fabulous body scrub too :-) There, now you have two scrubs in a day! Have fun! x