How I cleared my skin today!! From cup to face!!

So this is what I did today! Ran errands and came home to a hot cuppa green tea! It was a lovely Lemon Mint flavored teabag. Yes, am kind of detoxifying myself. :-) And after I was done with the teabag, I tore it open and cooled down the tea leaves. First, I cleansed my skin very well with a milk cleanser.

Then I took the tea leaves and crushed them real well and mixed in a tiny bit of the milk cleanser with it. You can use any milk cleanser which suits your skin type. Or you can also fold in (my favorite) Yogurt. I mixed the cleanser because the tea leaves can be a little dry. All you have to do is scrub your face gently with that mix. After scrubbing gently I used skin toner or you can also use a rose water mix spray. Wipe clean with a tissue or softly with a cotton pad soaked in rose water.

It instantly refreshed my skin and made it feel firm and taut. And after that I did apply a mask so as to let the skin get too dry. Read the UPCOMING BLOG about the mask I applied and how my skin feels so plump and fresh right now. This scrub is gentle enough for acne and brightening enough for dull skin.

Stay Gorgeous Chicas xxx