My curly hair short story

It’s a beautiful day. I’m looking for something fun to do! And here we are again. On my wonderful blog! Where I am now going to share super quick with you; my hair story. Stop reading if you don’t have curly hair, because you will not connect with any of the below.

Firstly, Me= Only child in four to have curly hair. Which also points to the joke I told my mother for years. That I am an adopted child! But she swore I am not because I was her first surgery (oops!). So, going forward my head was shaved tonnes of times in the hope that I get straight hair but alas. Let’s go more forward after years of struggling with boy haircuts I finally started blowdrying my hair when I was 15. And now 25 years down, I have finally decided to be au naturel.

Story over, here below is a picture of my hair in its natural habitat but with the help of a few good products. I apply the Tigi Bed Head Foxy curls mousse when I want a firmer curl in my hair and Davines curl building serum for smoother curls with less frizz. And I do spray the Davines All in one milk to condition my hair & it smells divine!

Hope this helps any of you fellow curly people xx