My everyday skin product routine

Hello lovely people!

In midst of an occupied week, I wanted to share with you a simple routine I follow for maintaining the suppleness of my skin. Everyone asks me this on literally an everyday basis and now the products are mentioned below. I have had normal skin with just a little oily T-zone most of my life. However, now that I have touched 40’s, dry skin has creeped in. The products mentioned are what I apply on my skin as of now.


Sans makeup




  1. I am absolutely maniac about three things – Hand and body creams/lotions, scented candles and lip balms. I am obsessed. I saw this ointment everywhere and just had to give it a go. Well, I would say it does what most of the lip balms do. Moisturises well and I do need to reapply through the day. So, no extra points here. A job well done though. Here is Lucas Papaw ointment
  2. For eyes, I alternate between two lovely products. They join my makeup kit as well. Olay Regenerist eye serum and Benefit It’s potent Eye cream. I use the latter more for my clients as it gives the needed moisture for makeup application.
  3. For my skin, I definitely need light weight oils to keep them moisturised and yet not oily. I use the Keihls Daily reviving concentrate everyday before my moisturiser. I alternate that with Olay regenerist micro sculpting serum
  4. For moisturiser, presently the Keihls Super multi corrective is serving the purpose.
  5. Another product I have loved and will restock on is the MAC mineralize time check lotion
  6. Night time skin care majorly includes the Keihls midnight recovery concentrate
  7. For a heavier moisturisation, I do alternate with Elizabeth arden Good Nights sleep . Although, this is discontinued, but their moisturisers are fabulous!

I am also looking for options you may have for dry skin products that I can try (age is truly catching up with me now). So please leave your comments or suggestions. Thank you! :-)