One of the best natural masks for skin brightening!

I have always believed in the natural way of beauty because it definitely brings results if you are persistent. So lately I have been trying more of organic beauty treatments and organic beauty products. Recently, after a long tiring day I felt like my skin looked very fatigued. And I was itching to pamper it with an instant face mask. Nothing beats like ingredients in the kitchen. So I peeped into my refrigerator and found something that was going to brighten up my skin!


  • 1/4 banana mashed
  • Few spoons of yogurt
  • Honey (optional) (if you have acne prone skin)
  • a few strands of saffron (easily available in hypermarkets)
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Make sure your skin is absolutely clean. No makeup, no moisturizer, nothing!

Mash the banana very well and mix in enough yogurt to get a thick consistency. Mix in other ingredients if you fancy. Tie your hair back in a band. Apply mask and chill. Let it dry and wash with tepid water. Please avoid hot water to wash your face. EVER!! You can use this mask at least twice a week and in due course of time, your skin will look and feel fantastic!

As with any face mask, I would suggest steaming the face if you have a face streamer at home. This helps the mask work fabulously on your skin. How to use this as a face scrub? Will share that in a post soon!

Lather on your favorite moisturizer and look at your bright self in the mirror :-)