A Reader’s Query about Hair Care

June 5, 2014

A lovely reader had this query for Hair care and this is what I think Q: What kind of hair serums do u suggest? Also aging is a natural process and one has to go with it gracefully but do u think it is wise to pluck out a certain grey hair? What are the implications? Response: A Myth!! It’s a myth that if you pluck one grey hair, it will spread across the scalp and make other hair grey as well! White hair is caused by the death of melanin cells in the follicle. It’s not contagious. The only […]

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The Faux Bob look for a shoot!

June 1, 2014

Last year we did a shoot for Gul Zeb Couture at Studio 8 in Dubai with the fabulous photographer Farooq Salik. Gul Zeb, the designer is a fantastic person to work with. She is very clear with her ideas and the look she wanted was fusion without looking very ethnic. And we had a fantastic shoot! I was reminiscing the shoot today after looking at the Oscar de la renta Fall 2012 collection. The faux bob at the designer’s collection is very similar to what we had decided upon for the gorgeous collection by GUL ZEB. We decided to use jewellery as the […]


Am loving this drugstore mascara!!!

May 28, 2014

I love mascaras with super fat wands. And may I say that the Rimmel ScandalEYES has a super duper fat wand. And it is highly pigmented too! So what’s not to love? Pigments and a wonderful mascara wand = Super luscious lashes! And, its waterproof. It’s  volumising and dark black; perfect for the lush lash effect. My favorite mascaras always end up being picked up at the drugstore. I have yet to find THE hi-end branded mascara which will give me the lashes I can flutter away. Super happy with Maybelline, Max factor and now Rimmel. Honestly, it’s a must have […]


It’s all about Simply your Skin.

May 8, 2014

The month of December was craaaaayyyzzzyyy with work! I did not get time at all to follow up on my facials for more than 2 months. And this had started to show on every level of the skin. So, when I got an invite from Simply Skin Dubai to try their 'Signature Treatment', I just had to fit it into my schedule. And I did. Did I love it? Read till the end of the post to find out 😉 First let me tell you a little about this personalized facial treatment done on me by Kinga. She is fantastic! […]

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