12 year old Talia makes YouTube Makeup Tutorials and she’s very very special!

August 11, 2014

  When I first came across this on Huffington Post, I was wondering what to react on. Feel happy looking at her gorgeous tutorials, feel encouraged looking at her courage or empathize with the situation God has placed her in. She’s a tween and am sure like every tween, all she wants is to have fun. She has cancer. Not one, but two cancers. She has had cancer from 2007 and has undergone multiple chemotherapy sessions. I have had experiences of cancer in the family and I know the pain one goes through. Emotional and physical both. But when I […]

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Hello my lovelies!! Thank you one and all for sharing the page and spreading the Love!! Love you all xxxx

August 11, 2014

And after sorting loads of participants, the winners are: 1. Mariam Mukhtar 2. Umm Hanna Darlings, Congratulations!! Please send an email with your location/phone details tobeauty@punamrani.com Super soon there is a skin care contest coming up with products not available in Dubai!!! Keep shining! xxxxx

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Fabulous shampoo for Normal Hair.

August 9, 2014

My to-go favorite shampoo of the moment is the Davines Natural Tech Shampoo. Although my hair is frizzy, and this shampoo is meant for normal hair; it is still fabulous for my hair. I have experience almost no hair fall with this. And I have been using this for over 4 weeks. I am not a very big fan of the hair conditioner though, because my hair needs something stronger to control the frizz, but it may just be perfect for normal hair. I would say it is an amazing shampoo* for Dubai weather. All shampoos either weigh your hair […]

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How I cleared my skin today!! From cup to face!!

August 5, 2014

So this is what I did today! Ran errands and came home to a hot cuppa green tea! It was a lovely Lemon Mint flavored teabag. Yes, am kind of detoxifying myself. And after I was done with the teabag, I tore it open and cooled down the tea leaves. First, I cleansed my skin very well with a milk cleanser. Then I took the tea leaves and crushed them real well and mixed in a tiny bit of the milk cleanser with it. You can use any milk cleanser which suits your skin type. Or you can also fold […]

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