A Reader’s Query about Hair Care

A lovely reader had this query for Hair care and this is what I think :-) Q: What kind of hair serums do u suggest? Also aging is a natural process and one has to go with it gracefully but do u think it is wise to pluck out a certain grey hair? What are the implications?


Response: A Myth!! It’s a myth that if you pluck one grey hair, it will spread across the scalp and make other hair grey as well! White hair is caused by the death of melanin cells in the follicle. It’s not contagious. The only implication is that you will get a grey hair at the same place. Or, if you’ve managed to pluck from the root, that could mean there will be no hair growing at that particular place. No, plucking the hair will not make the new hair grow black :-) Sometimes, it’s genetic and we cannot do much about it. But I truly believe that beauty starts inside out. Taking care of ourselves from the inside is the most important thing we can do to help nurture the gorgeousness! More than women, I know a lot of men who pluck out their grey hair. But, personally I love the salt ‘n’ pepper look on men! Think George Clooney and drool!! As for serums, there are so many options in the market now. The purpose of a serum is two-fold. Firstly, it tames the frizz and it should do so without weighing the hair down. Secondly, it adds shine to the hair without making it look greasy. And the most important thing is that it should be used sparingly and run through either wet or dry hair depending on the hairstyle we are going to sport. A couple of my favorite serums are:



Really love the smoothness of this product. Completely does not weigh the hair down!! Fabulous for a smooth blowout! And trust me, I blow dry my hair thrice in a week and have been doing it for years. This product makes it a breeze!



BedHead has a gorgeous range of products and I know many clients who are addicted to them. This mist is truly a superfine mist and adds just enough sheen to the hair. And the citrus smell is enough to keep you attached to this for a long time!!